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Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Jenis-jenis handbag - Shoulder Bag

1- Shoulder bags

Wherever a woman goes, a handbag, particularly a shoulder handbag is always with her. It is her most important accessory that most women cannot be without. Shoulder handbags can be made from leather or fabric. Either material can create a good handbag. But if you want your handbag to be durable, long-lasting and versatile, a leather shoulder handbag will be your perfect option. Leather handbags offer lots of benefits for a woman. Since leather is a very strong material, you can be assured that your leather handbag will last you for many years and will not easily tear or fall apart.

Handbags come in a variety of styles, types, shapes, sizes and colors. You can find formal as well as informal designs. Some even come with embellishments like colored stones or trimmings. There is a wide array of selection for you to choose from so you can be sure to find something that will fit you, your personality, your needs and your budget. Designer handbags usually carry the logo or trademark of a well known designer. These high-end bags are typically made of very high quality leather. These designer handbags have a wide price range – from not very expensive to very expensive.

You can use a leather shoulder handbag for almost any occasion. The smaller, more formal ones are great for evening wear while the larger and oversized one can be used for day to day wear. The black leather handbag is the most popular as it can go with most any outfit.You should also consider the length of your shoulder handbag’s strap. You can choose a longer strap that will fall low on your body or you can choose a shorter strap that will fall higher. You can also choose a shoulder handbag with a strap that is adjustable in length.

Silk and Nylon shoulder handbags are great for women who frequently enroll in various celebrations. They may be obtainable in extremely cute colors for instance pink, blue and purple. The final is very useful due to the use of these types of timeless fabrics. You will discover some of them with closures made from magnets and a pair of straps closing in on the body of the bag. By using a liner of cotton they look really neat and chic.

Another thing to consider is your purpose for purchasing a leather handbag. Different bags serve different purposes. Are you looking for a bag to wear to work or to go around town? Do you need an evening bag for a formal affair or one for day to day wear or casual events? Determining the ultimate purpose of the bag you wish to purchase will help you narrow down your choices when you are shopping for one. Remember if you want to purchase a handbag that is durable, long-lasting, versatile and fashionable, a leather shoulder handbag is really your best choice.

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